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More information on your supply

Applying for power supply

Do you wish to apply for installation of power supply or for additional power supply? Or to modify existing supply of electricity to your premises?

You will need to fill an Enquiry for Supply of Electricity Form and submit it with the following:

  • A copy of your national identity card (non-Kenyans will be required to produce a copy of a valid passport)

  • A copy of the lease agreement or title deed of the premises to be supplied with electricity OR a signed letter of tenancy from your landlord with a copy of his/her Identify Card.

  • Corporate customers are required to also provide a copy of their Personal Identification Number Certificate (PIN) and Certificate of Incorporation.

  • A detailed route sketch to the premises. This should include roads and other salient features.

  • If you have previously had an account with KPLC, we require you to provide the account number.

  • Your contacts (telephone number, postal and e-mail addresses)

Please follow this procedure when you have fulfilled all the above requirements:

Step 1:
Fill in the Enquiry for Supply of Electricity Form. Return it, along with the required documents, to any KPLC commercial office.

Step 2:
KPLC will send you a Customer Application Notification form containing reference number. Please quote this number when enquiring about your application.

KPLC will conduct a survey and send you a letter quoting the amount of capital contribution and deposit to be paid. This quotation is valid for 90 calendar days from the date of issue. Other terms and conditions of supply are specified in the letter. NOTE: A budgetary estimate may be done, where it is not clear whether or not supply w
ill finally be taken.

Step 4:
Pay the capital contribution at any authorised KPLC pay-point and obtain an official receipt.

Step 5:

Once the above conditions are met, wayleaves, or right of way, is sought. This is obtained through mutual negotiation with the parties whose property will be affected by the proposed power line with the understanding that there will be no compensation. Prospective customers may be asked to assist at this stage. Should we fail to get such consent, then we will design an alternative supply route. This may entail additional cost.


Enquiry for Supply of Electricity Form (22.4KB)

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