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Kenya Power transmits, distributes and retails electricity throughout Kenya. Kenya Power is a public company and is listed at the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE).


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Home-Energy Use

Some of the energy consuming activities within a typical household are lighting, cooking, refrigeration, water heating, laundry, ironing, and air conditioning. The common home also has entertainment equipment such as radio, TV, DVD, and VCR.

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Small Businesses

  • Construct buildings that maximize on natural daylight to take advantage of the same during daytime.
  • Turn off all the lights that are not required.
  • Design the lighting wiring such that you do not have multiple lights controlled by a single switch.
  • Use the more efficient fluorescent tubes (T5) with electronic ballasts.  You save upto 40% energy.

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Large Businesses

  • Replace old motors with energy efficient ones instead of re-wiring.
  • Maximize on natural sunlight by designing for large windows, strategically placed to light up all areas in the factory.
  • Install energy saving lighting in your factory.

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02-04-14 15:01

Operation Boresha Stima Viwandani Launched

Kenya Power has embarked on an operation through which it intends to improve the quality of power supply to its large power and domestic customers within the Industrial Area, Nairobi. The operation... [more...]

31-03-14 16:05

Kenya Power to distribute 3 million energy saving bulbs

The Government has secured Shs.1 billion from the French Development Agency (AFD) to procure and distribute an estimated three million energy saving bulbs this year, Kenya Power Ag. Chief Manager f... [more...]

20-03-14 11:14

Kenya Power to build alternative lines for large power consumers

Kenya Power will in the next two years build additional power lines dedicated to serve its large power customers, the Company’s Chief Manager for Distribution, Eng. Joseph Masibo has revealed. [more...]