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Home Users

Regulation of how energy is used in a home is directly proportionate to how much lower your bill will be and it also means less energy consumed, translating to less harmful emissions released into our environment.

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Small Businesses

Efficient Power Use


Construct buildings that maximize on natural daylight to take advantage of sunlight during daytime.

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Large Businesses

Efficient Use of Power Appliances

Maximize on natural sunlight by designing for large windows strategically placed to light up all areas in your premises.

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Social Investments

Kenya Power to raise funds for charity

Kenya Power to raise funds for charity

Added 8th Jan. 2014,
On 14th December, 2012, Kenya Power in conjunction with Football Kenya Federation (FKF), Kenya Premier League (KPL) and Kenya ...
Culture and Sports

Culture and Sports

Added 8th Jan. 2014,
Culture The Company sponsored the 2008 Cultural Week of the Kabete Campus, Nairobi University, at a cost of Shs. ...

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