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Shs.1.2 billion to light up the streets of Mombasa

September 8th 2015


Kenya Power today launched a major network upgrade and street lighting project in the coastal city of Mombasa. The project, estimated to cost Shs.1.2 billion, will see the lighting up of the streets of Mombasa City.

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Lighting a Bright Future

High speed electric cars zoom overhead on suspended rails. Brightly lit streets and pathways in cities all over the country, on which thousands of Kenyans safely make their way to their various destinations no matter the hour. Instantaneous global communication and 24 hour electricity being available to each and every household from the villages to the megacities, all attributing to the exponential growth in opportunity and economic prosperity. These were all a dream once, a dream that seemed unattainable; too far from the reach of our hands. However, through the efforts of the Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), our dreams are becoming eventualities, separated from the present only by time.

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Local investors urged to participate in mega electrification project

Thursday, 28th April, 2015


Kenya Power is urging local manufacturers to participate in the supply of materials for the implementation of the multi-billion Last Mile Connectivity Project, the Company’s Managing Director and CEO, Dr Ben Chumo has said.

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