Kenya Power meets magistrates in a bid to address crimes affecting business operations

Nairobi, June 30th 2018….Kenya Power's Managing  Director & CEO Dr. Ken Tarus accompanied by other members of the senior management team held an engagement session with magistrates on Thursday where various crimes affecting the business and the Company's legal entitlements were discussed.

The engagement took place during this year's annual magistrates conference, organized by the Judicial Training Institute, that was held in Naivasha.

"Kenya Power recognizes several factors likely to impact negatively on its operations including vandalism, illegal connections, encroachment on electricity line way leaves and other crimes against power assets. To address these threats, several strategic action plans have been developed including protecting and securing infrastructure and assets, campaigns to counter power theft and formation of long term relationships with stakeholders," said Dr. Tarus.

The objective of the engagement with magistrates was to sensitize the judicial officers on the impact of vandalism and other offenses in the Energy Act. The Judicial Training Institute (JTI) partners with local government, non-governmental bodies and corporate organizations to deliver courses on various thematic areas to judicial officers and judiciary staff.

In addition to vandalism and other crimes affecting Kenya Power's operations, the engagement with magistrates also covered the regulatory framework in the energy sector, Kenya Power's support to the Government Big 4 agenda, trends and statistics on penalties meted out on convictions for offenses under the Energy Act, Kenya power's claims procedure and dispute resolution mechanism in the energy sector, among others.

" The Company will continue to implement strategies for community engagement and formation of long term partnerships with all stakeholders. This will especially be in regard to promoting public safety against the dangers of electricity infrastructure and fighting vandalism and crimes against Company assets," said Dr. Tarus.


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