Tender Ad - Supply, Inst. & Comm. of Switchgear Panel For Mandera, Provision of Rapid Alarm Response Services, Consultancy Services, Floral Arrangement, Ext - Security Services

September 2014

  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/09-NM/14-15 - Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 415V Switchgear Panel for Mandera Power Station

  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/10-NM/14-15 - Provision of Rapid Alarm Response Services for Transformer Intruder Detection System
  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/08-HR/14-15 - Provision of Consultancy Services for Statutory Occupational Safety & Health Medical Examinations
  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/11-HR/14-15 - Provision of Floral Arrangement in Stima Plaza and Juja Control




  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/01MD/14-15 - Provision of Security Guarding Services
  • KP1/9AA-2/PT/07-NM/14-15 - Supply and Installation of Water Tanks at Hola Power Station (Civil and Mechanical Works)