Tender for the Supply of Materials for Street Lighting Project & Single Wire Earthing Return System Project Materials

October 2014

Tender Numbers

  • KP1/9AA-3/PT/22/14-15 - Supply of Isolating and Distribution Transformers (SWER Project)
  • KP1/9AA-3/PT/23/14-15 - Supply of Autorecloser (SWER Project)
  • KP1/9AA-3/PT/24/14-15 - Supply of Top Pole Steel Bracket (SWER Project)
  • KP1/9AA-3/PT/25/14-15 - Supply of Cables and Conductors (SWER Project)
  • KP1/9AA-3/PT/26/14-15 - Supply of Earth Enhancement Compound (SWER Project)