During an outage

If your whole neighbourhood is without power, report the outage to 97771.

Keep Clear of Lines or Electrical Equipment

Stay at least 10 metres away from downed power lines or poles and keep pets and children clear too.

Put Your Home in Outage Mode

Turn off all tools, appliances and home electronic equipment and turn your thermostats down to avoid load issues when power is restored.

Turn off all lights, except one inside and outside, so crews outside know power has been restored. When power has been restored, please use it sparingly during the first few hours to prevent system overload, which can cause further outages.

If you have a standby heating unit, ensure that it is properly vented and turn it on before the house gets too cold.

Keep your refrigerator and freezer closed as much as possible. The contents should be good for 24-48 hours if the door is kept closed.