Electricity Supply to City Hall disconnected over unpaid bills

Nairobi, 7th June 2018……. Kenya Power has disconnected electricity supply to City Hall over unpaid bills amounting to Shs.990 million.


The accrued bills relate to power supplied to various premises and installations through more than 5,500 accounts that belong to the Nairobi City County Government.

The Nairobi City County Government has for several years been indebted to Kenya Power and has consistently failed to repay, despite various meetings and agreements between the two parties.

On 16th May 2018, the High Court dismissed a case filed by the Nairobi City County Government against Kenya Power over a Shs.543 million bill that the City Hall was disputing and that had accumulated for a period up to September 2016.

An injunction that had previously been issued by the court preventing Kenya Power from collecting the owed amount was lifted. The High Court affirmed the legality of the debt and allowed Kenya Power to enforce the collection of the owed amount.

The City County Government has also accrued an additional bill of Shs.447 million between 1st September 2016 to 31st April 2018.

Kenya Power disconnected only two (2) out of the more than five thousand five hundred (5,500) accounts that belong to Nairobi City County after City Hall failed to respond to various initiatives requesting for payment and failing to provide any proposal for payment of the accrued bills.



For more information, contact:

The Corporate Communications Department, Kenya Power

Tel.: 0711 031 975

E-mail: CorporateComms@kplc.co.ke