Kenya Power

Enhancing electricity supply in support of the Big 4 Agenda

Nairobi, August 15, 2018… Kenya Power is committed to providing affordable and reliable energy to manufacturers and its other customers to support the government’s Big 4 Agenda of enhancing manufacturing, health care, food security (irrigation) and affordable housing.

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Kenya Power offers a disconnection moratorium for customers with unpaid bills

Nairobi, August 7th 2018...... Kenya Power has announced a two-week suspension on disconnection for customers with accumulated electricity bills to allow them to develop a payment plan.

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Kenya Power in pursuit of a man behind illegal lines in Kwa Kalaa Village, Kitui Central

Nairobi, August 6th 2018...... Kenya Power has launched a manhunt for a man believed to have constructed illegal electricity supply lines in Kwa Kalaa village, Kitui Central constituency.

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